Have Your Say to Council – Choose a Carbon Negative Community

SHAPE THE FUTURE OF HEPBURN SHIRE by letting Council know what sustainability goals they should be aiming for in the development of the new Council Plan.  They did a pretty good job of the last plan (2009-2013), but what we want for the future has to be in the next plan to get a Guernsey in the budget allocations.  The Environmental Sustainability Strategy which is still current outlines some excellent goals.  It advocates a carbon negative state by 2025 and other actions that care for natural assets, build community and business resilience and a culture of sustainability.  These goals should be part of the new Council plan.  So your say is important.  It is with our collective actions that we can really address the magnitude of systems and cultural changes that are required to stay alive and well on this planet.

You can email the shire on shire@hepburn.vic.gov.au, contact your local Councillors or call Jane Barkley at the Shire on 5348 2306 with your say on energy efficiency and renewal, food security, transport, water, waste and land management or other matters you consider important.  Help Council stay on track with the big bold issues that need to be addressed.  Do it soon!


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