A Letter from 100% Renewable’s Lindsay Souter

Dear friends,

In coming weeks our political leaders will be making decisions that will profoundly affect the face of Australia’s energy future.

A strong deal to price pollution with measures to boost investment in renewable energy, could see new renewables projects popping up across the country, while a weak deal that over-compensates polluting industry risks locking in a high pollution future.

Right now there is a critical need for our decision makers to hear from us – the community – about what kind of energy future we want.

While the opponents to renewable energy can buy media space (or own the media!), what we have on our side is community support, and community support in large numbers.

The Multi-Party Climate Change Committee is taking submissions now on what the pollution price should look like, and its critical that we tell them that we want it to deliver renewable energy.

Make a submission here: http://100percent.org.au/content/give-renewable-energy-fair-go

We need to tell the Committee that we are counting on them to stand strong in the face of the polluting industry’s push for unreasonable exemptions and excessive compensation – and that we’ll be looking to them to ensure the pollution price package will see lots of new renewable projects get built.

We know there is already strong community support for this position, with a recent poll of 1200 people showing that 87% of respondents want revenue raised by the price on pollution to be invested in renewable energy innovation.

But if we want our leaders to know this and stand up to the big polluters we need to make ourselves heard.

Tell the Government, Independents and Greens you want a fair go for renewables alongside the pollution price this year! Make a submission now: http://100percent.org.au/content/give-renewable-energy-fair-go

Thanks for helping


Campaign Coordinator

PS. Please forward this email along and ask your friends to tell our leaders to stand up to polluters and ensure we build new renewable energy this year. There’s only one day left till submissions close. Sign here: http://100percent.org.au/content/give-renewable-energy-fair-go

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