Carbon Rationing Action Group (CRAG)

Hepburn CRAG is a local community group raising awareness of how to reduce energy use and promote practical action.

CRAG’s aims are:-
1. To measure current personal carbon dioxide CO2 footprint
2. To identify areas where cuts can be made to CO2 emissions
3. To share practical tips on using less energy with the wider community

How is your personal carbon footprint calculated?
CRAG uses electricity meters to identify the electricity used by various appliances, both when turned on and when left on standby. Electricity, and gas bills and car and aeroplane travel are entered into a computer programme. This programme then calculates your household’s total carbon emissions.

This project has been made possible by a grant from Hepburn Shire Council.

For more information or to sign up for your free visit contact Dallas Kinnear Phone: 5348 4099 or 0439 988 056 or Zdena Schwangmeier phone 0428587600 or email

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