Daylesford Community Food Gardeners

Just Free Food

Daylesford Community Food Gardeners are a diverse community group who are auspiced by the Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre (DNC). Everyone is invited to participate. Please get involved by joining our regular monthly working bees or garden in your own time.

For general information contact DCFG representative Patrick Jones.

We meet on the second Saturday of each month from 10am-12 noon at the Albert St garden (beside the Daylesford Library) where we grow annual food plants. Less occasionally we meet at Rea Lands Park (42 Raglan Street), our community orchard and herb bank. Intermittently we assist with food production at DNC and we support Hepburn Health Service with planting edibles and flower gardens for patients to enjoy. We auspice the Bridport Street bus stop beautification project, we have designed a 5 acre food forest at Daylesford Secondary College (which awaits inspired people to see this large project to fruition), and we also work on the community food garden at the Daylesford Community Reserve.

Patrick Jones is the archivist for the Daylesford Community Food Garden blog, so please contact him for any blog related matters.
Across all our gardens we’re committed to establishing a community food system enabling free, just, and organic food. We will however except uncertified and conventional ag food waste to create our dynamic composts. We recognise that gardening together is of great social and ecological value and that community gardening is ‘social warming’ in an era of global warming.

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