Did you do the maths of climate change?

Do the maths    15/06/2013

Something incredible happened across Australia this last week.

Thousands of Australians came together from Perth to Hobart, Newcastle to Burnie, Adelaide to Byron Bay to hear 350.org co-founder Bill McKibben share about the maths of Climate Change.

Speaking at sold out events and the National Press Club Bill outlined a clear case for leaving our vast fossil fuel reserves in the ground and called on individuals and organisations alike to divest their fossil fuel investments.

His message to the audience was clear and simple:-  If the Australian mining industry is allowed to proceed with the massive expansion of coal and gas mining and export that they have planned, the planet will be pushed to warming beyond the point of no return.  End of story, no wriggle room.  The laws of physics says it is so.

If you didn’t get to see Bill whilst he was here we thought you may want to check out this interview on Lateline and this documentary called Do the Math which outlines the challenge we face and the important task now at hand.

The divestment campaign is now taking off here in Australia – you can find out more and get involved here.  In coming months there will be campaigns around the country to interrupt the fossil fuel companies’ vast expansion plans.

To hear about the latest news sign up to email updates at http://350.org/signup  These campaigns will include direct action, civil disobedience, personal and organisational divestment and lots of conversations.  Let’s pull our $’s from those industries doing harm, and invest in solutions to climate change and renewable energy.

If you bank with the big four banks or have your money in Superannuation it’s highly likely your money is being used to fund fossil fuel programs.  To find out how, and what you can do about it check out Market Forces.
The maths of climate change are clear – the fossil fuel industry has 5 times more burnable carbon than we can afford to release.  The time for action is now.  The time to come together for what we believe in is now.  It’s time to create a just, sustainable and thriving future.

Be The Change www.bethechange.org.au

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