Grab back $10 billion

take-action[1]In The Age  yesterday (April 22) it was revealed that Australia faces decades of budget deficits unless governments take action to find urgent savings now.

Right now we have the perfect opportunity to fix this – $10 billion could be returned to the federal budget every year…IF we cut subsidies to big polluters now.  Already 2,000 people have signed the petition calling on all parties to commit to end polluter handouts at this year’s budget. Click here to add your voice to the call for action now!

We know there are much better – and cleaner – ways to spend $10 billion worth of taxpayers’ money. Better health and education services and clean sustainable infrastructure for the future would be a great start.  That’s why this major national campaign calls for this $10 billion worth of polluter handouts to be scrapped at the federal budget.

You will not be alone.  59 of Australia’s leading environment and community organisations have signed onto this campaign already. From the Public Health Association of Australia to the Hunter Community Environment Centre – influential organisations across the country agree that there are better ways to spend $10 billion worth of taxpayers’ money.

But we’ve got a long way to go to winning this campaign, and the powerful mining industry lobbyists are stalking the halls of Parliament as we speak.

That’s why we need you to speak up. Please, sign this petition and join thousands of other Australians calling for an end to polluter handouts.

There are just three short weeks until May 13.  So show your support for better health services, better education for our kids, and investing in clean sustainable infrastructure for the future.

More than ever politicians are listening to what voters want.  So please, sign the petition now and make your voice heard.

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