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Do you have something to say or a question to ask?  What you are interested in, would you like to get involved, what is working well, what you would like to see change?   Send us information about what is happening and any news that you think would be of interest to SHARE members.

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+61 3 5348 6749

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Sustainable Hepburn Association (SHARE)
PO Box 635
Daylesford VIC 3460

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  • This is our primary means of contacting you and is mandatory for this training application. Be assured you will not go onto any mailing lists and more importantly, we do not sell our mail contacts.
  • Full street address. Use Street (cont) if needed.
  • Please note that applications only open to Hepburn Shire residents.
  • SHARE is a volunteer organisation and sometimes our contact is after hours, early evening. Please provide a 24hr access phone number.
  • While we encourage every new sustainability warrior that we find, this, our first course, has only 12 seats. In the delightful circumstance where we get an excess of applications we will sadly have to make selections. This is not neccessarily "first come, first served". Please help by giving us some background into your interest in sustainability and reasons for applying.