Hands On Sustainability Training 2013

willow_pattern_birds“You are Brilliant, and the Earth is hiring”

Paul Hawken 2009

Are you ready to be inspired and rejuvenated?  Are you prepared to seize an opportunity to share your gifts with the community?

SHARE is looking for twelve volunteers who are ready to take on big and small leadership roles to build a more sustainable shire.

The training is FREE!

The course is funded through Hepburn Shire Community Grants Program.  The course has twelve places for people interested in being involved in sustainability.  SHARE is calling for volunteers to join the training program to build skills for participation in local sustainability projects. Application is by web form only.  The training consists of six, three hour sessions and will include local speakers, a field trip and an introduction to the basics of sustainability.  It begins on Friday, May 10th 2013, and it might just change your life.

SHARE Chairmam, Laurel Freeland, said:

“We’re really excited to be able to offer this course. There are lots of innovative projects going on in this Shire and we want to support more people to get involved in them. You don’t need any previous experience working in the area to apply for the training, just an interest in learning and making a meaningful contribution.”

“The Hands on Training won’t involve a big time commitment, just a few hours a week.  Participants will go on field trips, meet local sustainability champions and learn from really experienced people and learn about themselves. The course will be a great introduction for anyone interested in working in sustainability, to find out what is possible and an opportunity to get out and about in the community.”

Course Structure

The course will be run over 6 weeks on Friday mornings between at 11am – 2pm with an additional 2-4 hours each week for tasks to complete at home as a personal project.  The training program will cover the basics of sustainability awareness and will support the participant (that’s you) to identify:
•    What area of sustainability appeals to them the most?
•    What personal  skills and strengths  they can apply in this area.
•    What practical skills do they want to develop in this area?
•    What outcomes do they want to achieve and what goals do they want to achieve?
•    Who can they work with in the local area to develop their skills and achieve the outcomes they desire?  (more…)

Application Form

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