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Member Form

Enter contact details and then select membership type. Individual $15, Household $25, Business $50
  • SHARE use only. do not change. Fees
  • A single person only, who will be granted member-voting rights at our Annual General Meeting. They will be the sole representative for the Household or Business.
  • A single address only, preferably the postal address.
  • Legal entity name for Business or Association. Household membership can use this if wanted.
  • What position does the named contact hold in the Business or Association.
  • Can you make a financial contribution? SHARE is a volunteer organisation. Association Rules stipulate members must be financial and to be fair, only financial members may vote at any Annual General Meeting. Your time, energy and support are what we crave but we wont say no to any financial assistance.
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    Membership + Donation.

    Please Note: By Submitting this application for membership of the Association you agree to be bound by the Rules of the Association for the time being in force. These are the Standard rules for all community organisations

  • Second line of street adress if required


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