Projects Overview

SHARE have a number of project areas, listed below, and also support local sustainability initiatives with resources, advice and connections. Read our Project Guide to find out more about the type of projects we support.

We are also collecting project ideas. Please let us know what you would like to see happen and what you would like to be involved in.

Current Projects and Areas of Interest

_DSC7307-EditHepburn Community Wind Park

This is the project that started us off… It is now being run by Hepburn Community Wind Park Cooperative Ltd (Hepburn Wind).

Find out more at Hepburn  Wind. Contact: or call Jack Gilding on (03) 5348 6760

photo courtesy Tim Burder



SHARE Sustainability Workshops

SHARE has created workshops regarding energy, water and waste for the general public and community groups. These workshops are interactive and informative and designed for the people of Hepburn Shire. Please let us know if you are interested in organising a workshop for your organisation, community or sporting group. The SHARE Sustainability Workshops were supported by a sustainability gant from Hepburn Shire Council.

Contact: Laurel Freeland

SHARE Energy

Use of fossil fuels for energy is a large contributor to green house gases and climate change. SHARE is committed to encouraging reducing the use of ‘brown’ energy and promoting renewable energy, including solar and wind.

Contact: Anneke Deutsch


Meg&Patrick's panels Maureen & her solar panels 2 (Small)su&david oliversmall

Hepburn Solar Neighbourhood

SHARE has been working to promote solar energy. 65 residents signed up for the Hepburn 4 Solar Neighbourhood PV (photovoltaic) Bulk-Buy and are now  having grid-connected solar panels installed. SHARE has chosen to use the money raised from this project to help the Daylesford Community Child Care Centre to install solar panels.  We are currently looking into running another bulk-buy of solar panels. Please let us know if you are interested.

Contact: Anneke Deutsch

Solar Hot Water Bulk-Buy

SHARE is working in conjunction with the Ballarat Renewable Energy and Zero Emissions group (BREAZE), our larger, neighbouring sustainability group, to deliver even bigger savings to members. You can save about $600 on a very efficient evacuated tube solar hot water system. When coupled with an instantaneous gas booster, you’ll have a system that delivers very low CO2 emissions and will stand up to heavy frosts. Just go to and click on “solar hot water” for lots more details.

Contact: Anneke Deutsch

SHARE Sustainable Buildings

SHARE encourages buildings and behaviours that reduce use of energy and reduce waste of water and other resources. SHARE has been working with the Daylesford Community Child Care Centre to install solar panels, improve the energy performance of the building, change energy-use behaviours and save money. SHARE is also working with Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre regarding their new buildings.

Contact: David Grigg

Hepburn Sustainable Schools

SHARE is working with a number of local schools to encourage sharing of ideas and to supporting each other to be more sustainable. Many schools are actively encouraging a love of the environment, developing kitchen gardens, creating worm farms, installing water tanks and solar panels. Teachers, parents, volunteers and students are welcome to be involved.

Contact: Karen McAloon

SHARE Learning and Events

SHARE provides opportunities for individuals, community groups, businesses and government to connect and work together. We work with other organisations to host summits, forums and events, for example the Climate Action Summit and Climate Action Day in Daylesford.

SHARE Open Forums are designed to build knowledge and connections and happen at 7pm on the first Thursday of the month at the Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre.  Guest speakers and topics vary – see our home page for this month’s topic.

Contact: Laurel Freeland

SHARE Online

SHARE is keen to assist community groups to be effective and work together. The SHARE web site has space for community groups to post information about what they are doing, their plans and to let people know how to get involved. There is also space for anyone to share their experiences and ideas. Check out the categories on the right hand side of this site. The new-look SHARE web site was supported by a Hepburn Shire Council grant.

Contact: Sally van Rooden


SHARE is committed to developing awareness and knowledge regarding sustainability. We are creating a list of books we believe are relevant and will support Central Highlands Regional Library (CHRL) to purchase them. These books will then be available through Daylesford, Creswick and Clunes libraries as well as outside Hepburn Shire. Donations of money and relevant books are most welcome. Please let us know what books you would like to encourage others to read.

As a result of the Climate Action Forum and Book Launch in August 2009, Hepburn Wind, Hepburn Relocalisation Network (HRN) and SHARE donated two books (Mark Diesendorf’s “Climate Action: A Campaign Manual for Greenhouse Solutions” and David Holmgren’s “Future Scenarios”) which are available from the library.

Contact: Fiona Robson

_DSC9307mm_spacer_DSC9234photos courtesy Tim Burder


SHARE understand the importance of quality local food and work closely with the Hepburn Relocalisation Network (HRN) to promote growing, purchasing and eating wholesome food that has been grown locally.

Contact: Elizabeth Wade


SHARE encourages avoiding, reducing, reusing, recycling and being mindful of waste. SHARE is investigating the possibility of creating a ‘wash against waste’ trailer to help reduce the amount of rubbish at community events. Please let us know if you would like to be involved.

Contact: Elizabeth Wade

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photo courtesy Tim Burder


Hepburn Shire contains more than 80% of Australia’s mineral springs. Water is fundamental for life. SHARE promotes care for and wise use of this valuable resource.

Contact: Koos Hulst

SHARE Sustainable Business and Tourism

Successful and mindful business is an important foundation for a resilient community as it provides jobs, money and resources. It is important for us to support our local businesses so that they are able to thrive and be engaged with the wider community. SHARE work with local council and business groups to support sustainable practices in business and encourage community enterprise.

Contact: Laurel Freeland

SHARE Health and Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of individuals and communities is an important factor in being resilient. SHARE promotes healthy, respectful and connected communities.

Contact: Jaya Saunders

SHARE Connections

The quality of social connections in a community have been linked to its strength and resilience. SHARE encourages and promotes connections between individuals, households, community groups, businesses, government etc. Everyone is welcome to be member of SHARE and to participate in our activities. We welcome connections between young, old, males, females, new residents, old residents etc. Let us know iike to be more involved with your local community.

Contact: Fiona Robson

SHARE Fire Preparation and Awareness

Fire has a major impact on people and our environment. SHARE is involved with a study to understand ways to better prepare for fire and reduce the impact.

Hepburn Relocalisation Network (HRN) is also doing significant work in this area.

Contact: Hanne Clermont

Transition Towns

Contact: Laurel Freeland

Project guidelines – read here


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