Local Sustainability stories

storytimeInspiring stories about sustainability are being gathered by SHARE.  Here is what some of our community members are doing to live more in harmony with each other and the natural world.  This digital project was funded by Hepburn Shire.

Here is a digital story by Anne E Stewart about how one of our community, Rosie Laszlo, has integrated sustainability principles into her life and work. Rosie Laszlo is artist in residence at Carol White’s Lavender Farm, Lavandula. Here, she’s talks about her life, art and sustainability.  Video

The second story is from Rod May (organic farmer and former Mayor of Hepburn Shire).  This story creates ‘forward’ in an imagined scenario of  “How Organic Farming Saved the World”.  Rod May’s paper was delivered to the Agricultural Revolution Conference, held by Central Highlands Agribusiness Forum, on August 1st 2013.  Video

SHARE wants to capture more stories about what people are doing to live sustainably.  If you have a story or video clip, we will be happy to look at posting it on our site.  Please contact …. media at share.asn.au


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