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Spreading the word for a sustainable Hepburn Shire



Diary dates



November 28th — Community bushfire preparation working bee

December 2nd — SHARE AGM

December 5th –Tours at Melliodora with David Holmgren

December 8th — Permaculture Design Course Information Session

December 11th — Harvest Swapmeet

December 11th — You, Me and Biodiversity Lecture Wombat Forestcare

January 2011    —  Vegan Cooking and Yoga Retreat


“I am sitting in our temporary office at Unicorn House in Bridport Street which Per Bernard has very kindly hosted.  I am watching our new state of the art sustainability rated printer being set up by David Steiner from ePanacea who has also donated his time to set up this and our new computer.  I met with our new ReFit’N’Save officer Tanya Black yesterday who we are very pleased to have on board. Last night I accepted an offer from Zachary Casper to do some admin work for us.  This is just to name a few of the people who have generously offered their time and talents to getting environmental sustainability on the map in this region.

Other news you will no doubt read about is the success of the Sustainable Building Expo. It was a real win to see two of our Council officer volunteer their time for the day. Jill from Sustainability and Leanne from planning didn’t get a chance to draw breath, they were so popular.  Sadly a number of local suppliers and building trades people were not represented due in part to a small glitch in the computer world of spam.  We plan to rectify that with our 2011 Sustainable Building Expo.  I have also spoken to numerous groups who have submitted to obtain funding for various sustainability projects.  We continue to partner and champion Hepburn Wind.

On another note our local field naturalist Tanya Loos pointed out that our SHARE flyer did not have a box to tick if members are interested in Nature.  Care of the natural environment is fundamental to what we are on about and I can’t believe we missed the obvious off the flyer.  I did tell Tanya we would include it on the flyer in the future.

I want to acknowledge all the people who have contributed to SHARE in large and small ways from donations of time, talent, dollars and presence – the list is long.  Hopefully I will catch them all in the Presidents report for the AGM next week.  If you would like a nomination form for the committee or you would like to be more involved please contact me I would be very happy to speak with you.”

Laurel Freeland SHARE President


“Refit n’ Save will engage 1000 households in practical retrofit activities to reduce their energy and water use. It will provide networks, products and services to support the implementation of energy and water smart advice, in collaboration with five community sustainability groups based in Ballarat, Bendigo,Hepburn Shire, Ararat and Swan Hill.

SHARE has just appointed our first employee after interviewing 3 excellent candidates.  Up until now we have been an entirely voluntary organisation.  We would like to warmly welcome Tanya Black to the position of SHARE’s Refit’n’ Save Community Engagement Officer.  Tanya comes from a Graphic Design background, but has been working most recently as a Home Sustainability Assessor.  She has owner-built three houses and was raised in Daylesford.  Consequently, she has strong networks in the town, with links to the footy club, schools, most of the local tradesmen and businesses, as well as passionate commitment to greener living. She has done a lot of voluntary work for SHARE.  We are confident that Tanya will bring the green movement from the fringes of Daylesford/Hepburn society to the mainstream community.”

Sustainability Expo a Success

SHARE hosted our first Sustainability Expo on Saturday 13th November.  We had about 220 visitors brave the rain to check out the exhibits.  We had 11 new members join up – welcome!

  • EcoMaster from Gisborne had some clever options for double glazing existing windows.
  • Forty Foot Energy our local renewable energy specialist – solar installer of both on and off-grid photo voltaic arrays
  • Paarhammer from Bendigo showed some beautifully crafted, European-type double glazed windows with an optimum 16mm air gap.
  • Gentle Earth Walking promoted straw bale building. Through their excellent, hands-on workshops you can learn how to build in straw bale.
  • Livos from Bayswater had an array of non-toxic, paints and finishes, free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).
  • Biolytix from Kyneton displayed their EPA approved worm farm black/grey water treatment plant
  • Skyline Energy from Korweinguboora had evacuated tube and heat pump solar water systems that could run hydronic heating panels
  • Unicorn House from Ballarat/Daylesford and Lifehouse Design architects from Castlemaine had some beautiful examples of their sustainable building designs and answered visitors design questions
  • Holmgren Design Services and Hepburn Relocalisation network promoted permaculture design & local food production
  • BREAZE from Ballarat promoted the solar arrays and solar hot water bulk buys that are also accessible to SHARE members
  • CRAG, our local Carbon Rationing Action Group offered help in reducing energy use
  • Solar Cities offered their suite of options to lower your carbon footprint, as well as free home energy assessments
  • The new Refit ’n’ Save program started signing up interested householders who’ll get a free home Sustainability assessment and tailored advice on what can be done to reduce their energy and water bills
  • Hepburn Wind was there to encourage more local membership
  • Bendigo Bank was encouraging pledges of funds and encouraging people to send in their surveys
  • Maureen Corbett advertised her services as a building star-rater


  • We thank our generous sponsors who donated prizes for the raffle:
  • Alternative Technology Association
  • Central Highlands Garden Supplies
  • Holmgren Design Services
  • Home Hardware
  • Jenkins and Thomas Hardware
  • Solar Cities

Local Events


Sunday 28th November Community bushfire preparation working bee

Come along for a fun community working bee, clearing up crown land in Hepburn to help make our community a safer place during bushfire seasons. Wear good work shoes, bring gloves and your favourite tools, etc. (We’ll have the HRN rake hoes to use as well – and don’t forget they’re available for loan for community members, see the Tool Library tab of the HRN blog at

Where: Hepburn Hollow, crown land at the end of Fifteenth Street, Hepburn

When: 10am-1pm, Sunday 28th November

Contact: Maureen 5348 2592 or

More info: visit

Thursday 2nd December SHARE AGM

SHARE will hold it’s annual AGM and this year it is a ‘no frills’ approach.  No we aren’t doing poetry, songs or even a meal this year.  Yes, it’s down to business.  We do have a growing membership and we want to grow our capacity for sustainable action so if you are interested in being involved on the executive team, or the extended team we have some great opportunities to contribute.  Many of us who have been involved have grown our skills and knowledge tremendously and it is worthwhile group in which to get active.  Please contact Laurel Freeland for information and nomination or call 0408 531 343

When: 7pm – 8.30pm, December 2, 2010

Where: Senior Citizens Centre


Sunday 5th December Tours at Melliodora with David Holmgren: Mudbrick Passive Solar House and Permaculture Gardens, Orchard and Animal Systems

“Melliodora” is one of the best documented and well known permaculture demonstration sites in Australia. The passive solar house, mixed food gardens, orchards, dams and livestock, and creek revegetation show how permaculture design can help to restore and improve land, provide for residents’ needs and enjoyment in a cool inland climate.

Where: Melliodora, 16 Fourteenth Street, Hepburn

When: House tour 10am-12:30pm, Garden tour 2pm-4:30pm. First Sunday of the month September through to May, excepting January, 2nd Sunday of the month. Upcoming tour dates: 5/12/10, 9/1/11, 6/2/11, 6/3/11, 3/4/11, 1/5/11.

Bookings required.

Cost:$25 per person, per tour. Morning or afternoon tea included respectively.

Contact: 5348 3636 or

More info:– See Courses and Tours page.

Wednesday 8th December Permaculture Design Course Information Session

Permaculture is a design system for sustainable human settlements based on ethical and ecological principles combining agriculture, agroforestry, appropriate technology, energy-efficient building and home gardening with town planning and community development. Grab this opportunity to learn Permaculture from experienced instructors such as David Holmgren (Co-originator of the Permaculture  Concept), David Arnold, Beck Lowe, Rick Coleman, Virginia Solomon and Graeme George. Classes run over a 12 month period allowing students to implement as they learn. Classes also provide a foundation for Certificate III in Accredited Permaculture Training (APT). Students who accept an invitation to join the Organizing Committee are eligible for significant fee reductions.
You are warmly invited to attend a free information session:
What: All Seasons Permaculture Design Course 2011 Information Session
When: Wednesday 8th December 2010 530pm – 630pm
Where: BREAZE Office, 2 East St South, Ballarat
Please RSVP to
For more information, visit:

Saturday 11th December Harvest Swapmeet

Summertime and the garden’s plentiful, abounding with produce. Daylesford’s Harvest Swapmeet gives home vegie gardeners a chance to meet up once a month to swap their home grown produce.

Where: The Perfect Drop, 5 Howe St Daylesford. Light brekky and coffee available

When : 10-12 Second Saturday morning of every month starting 11th December 2010 and 2011 dates 8 Jan, 12th Feb, 12 Mar, 9 Apr, 14 May.

For further information contact or

Saturday 11th December You, Me and Biodiversity Lecture Series: A Wombat Forestcare Initiative

Australia welcomes the International Year of Biodiversity 2010 as an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity. The overall aim of the local series is to explore biodiversity in our local setting, how we are all part of a dynamic circle of life and what we can do to protect and enhance biodiversity.

It will emphasise how we can become more connected with our environment. It is hoped that people will come away with practical knowledge, a heightened sense of empowerment and wonder at this complex, teaming environment we live in.

Speaker: Cathy Powers Friends of the Brisbane Ranges

Topic:Wonderful Wildflowers

Time:Saturday 11th December 1.30-3.30pm

Where: Daylesford Neighbourhood House between.

Cost: $10 attendance fee.

Contact: Daylesford Neighbourhood House for bookings on 5348 3569 or email Wombat Forestcare on

January 2011 Vegan Cooking and Yoga Retreat

Join Alexis, Zalan & Ostii for a weekend of cooking, raw food preparation, vegan gluten-free baking, yoga and nutrition and food discussions. For all details and to register go to


Bid for a Bike Rack

The 2010 Bid for a Bike Rack program is open for applications in both Hepburn and Moorabool!

The program allows community to suggest where it thinks bike racks should be installed by filling out a simple application form.

The program is open in both Hepburn Shire and Moorabool Shire.

If you’d like more information, the links below provide the guidelines and application form.

For further details contact Simon Evans at Transport Connections on5345 8399 – Hepburn Shire Council (Mon, Thurs, Fri)

Saving the Habitat of the Growling Grass Frog

Creswick Neighbourhood Centre is going in to bat once again for the growling grass frog, a nationally endangered species with only rare remaining habitats. And Creswick is one of them!

This is the frog featured on Creswick township’s logo. Some 9 years ago, a wetlands and pond area was designed by Ray Draper known locally as ‘The Frog Man’, and created by a volunteer team within the Centre grounds in Victoria Street, to provide habitat for this unique creature. Ensuing risk management concerns raised by the Department of Education saw the draining of the wetlands and the gradual diminishment of  ‘frogsong’.

However, Hepburn Shire Council’s new Sustainabity Community grants scheme has been grasped by Centre management as a possible lifeline for growling grass frog. They are hopeful that their submission for a $4,000 grant will allow them to fence the wetland and pond area, making it safe once more for both the frogs and visiting children. The selection panel’s decision is expected early in December.

Any SHARE members with an interest in the project is invited to contact the Centre’s coordinator, Kim Gilliott on 53 45 2356 or by email to

SustainAbility Stars Project

Across the community, Victorians are being asked to live more sustainably. Households are being asked to save water and energy, and to reduce, reuse and recycle. But this information is not accessible for people with disability in group homes.

How can organizations support their residents to live sustainably?

EW Tipping Foundation has taken an innovative approach with its SustainAbility Project.

It is funded through the Victorian government’s Sustainability Fund and its aim is to work with people they support and staff to save water, energy and waste in their group homes.

For more information on this inspiring approach to addressing behavioural change and to read the project newsletter go to:

Satellite Interest Groups, Committee Members, Satisfaction of Contributing

We are restructuring the way we operate to be able to involve more of our membership in our activities and projects, AND WE NEED YOU to join us in our endeavours.

We are looking for a host of people who can contribute a little time; anything from 1 hour a month to a couple of hours (or even  a day) a week.

We encourage you to get involved.

If you can do any of the following we would like to hear from you – organise volunteers, use a computer, talk to people, help at events, write a funding submission, provide financial, legal services or educational services, write media releases or articles, put up posters, have web skills, practical outdoor skills, environmental sustainability skills and knowledge or simply want to learn and  be involved come on board.  Our planning session for new group member is early December and we will have an information session after that.

To get involved call 5309 2664, email

SHARE –  Ongoing Projects

SHARE continues to promote rooftop solar arrays.  We dream of seeing every north-facing roof covered in photovoltaics. Government incentives (RECS) reduce the cost by thousands of dollars.  You can get a quality 1.5kW system for around $4,000 from our local installer who’ll provide reliable follow up service.

If you haven’t got your solar panels yet, give Anneke a call on 0427 482 976 or email

Discounted, efficient solar hot water evacuated tube systems suitable for our sometimes frosty climate, are still available through the partnership SHARE has with our sister climate action group in Ballarat – BREAZE.

Just go to and follow the links to “solar hot water.”  When you fill in the forms, make sure you tell them you’re a member of SHARE. There’s a lot of info on the website to guide you. Any questions call BREAZE on 5329 1730.”




SHARE is a not-for-profit, non-political community organisation that is run by volunteers.

You can join us on the committee, one of the sub groups or on particular projects.  Community involvement is essential for sustainability.To find out more about the initiatives below or others call 5309 2664, email or visit

To Unsubscribe email: and insert ‘unsubscribe’ in subject line

To Advertise your event or news email: and insert ‘Newsletter’ in subject line

When SHARE established the vision of a connected community sharing a sustainable future it identified the following broad strategies to cultivate sustainable community: create a sustainable organisation, to be the ears and voice of sustainability, connect and catalyse local sustainability initiatives and to build capacity.  This will include:

  • Identifying ways to engage more broadly with community and to cultivate sustainable community and business initiatives;
  • Attracting a broader committee representation from across the whole Hepburn Shire
  • Building our own capacity – finding ways to be more sustainable ourselves as an organisation, including the possibility of creating a visible physical presence in the region
  • Identifying our priority projects and what we offer our members
  • Communication, web, financial, membership, marketing strategies, admin resources, support and systems
  • Collaborating with business, community organisations and agencies locally, regionally and broader

If there is something you feel passionate about please do talk with to us about it.  Or if you have the interest, time and talent to contribute we are seeking a broad range of representation to engage in generating viable healthy and sustainable community.


SHARE News is emailed to more than 500 people each fortnight and placed on noticeboards around Hepburn Shire. Feel free to share with others that may be interested.

We need your input. Please email sustainability-focused items ready to be included to (Please don’t send a flier or poster that requires the information to be extracted). Your contributions and feedback are appreciated.

November 28th Community bushfire preparation working bee

December 2nd SHARE AGM

December 5th Tours at Melliodora with David Holmgren

December 8th Permaculture Design Course Information Session

December 11th Harvest Swapmeet

December 11th You, Me and Biodiversity Lecture Wombat Forestcare

January 20111                  Vegan Cooking and Yoga Retreat


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