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This is what the Director has to say:
"The Latrobe Valley has been Victoria’s ‘Energy Hub’ for the last 90+ years. Made up in this community are energy experts – not only in generation but also in energy transmission, energy switching and most recently, energy storage. They’ve been involved with Victoria’s energy grid for a very long time and know all the in’s and out’s about frequency disturbance and the importance of maintaining a regular and consistent power source on both a micro grid and state grid level."
"The movement away from carbon based industries also represents greater economic diversity within communities. Nowhere is this more clear and apparent within Victoria than the Latrobe Valley. This community is now starting to make the transition. They are limited in some respects but our film dives into 3 prominent companies and organisations within the Latrobe Valley area;"

"Gippsland Solar – established in 2010 and is now one of the fastest growing companies in the Latrobe Valley area"

"Trentleck Solar Wind and Hydro – doing micro gridding and renewables in the valley for over 25 years now.. and they’re located just a 5 minute drive from the Hazelwood open cut brown coal mine (the area has so much more energy to offer – rather than just brown coal)"

"And probably the most interesting, Earthworker Cooperative – making solar hot water tanks right in the heart of Latrobe Valley, in Morwell. Earthworker is the gold-standard when it comes to a community owned cooperative, investing their time in renewable technologies to lower carbon emissions."

"Most importantly, this community knows the harsh effects of the privatisation of our electricity industry – both at a generation level, but also with the poles and wires (IE: transmission/grid all being privatisation). They see the need of community driven energy – both in regards to generation, and ESPECIALLY storage.
The knowledge is all there in the valley – and we would welcome your community to join forces with them, exchanging strengths and extending an open hand – and as one, we can all move forward together."

Of course the doco addresses the elephant in the room, that is brown coal – it being one of the worst ways to generate electricity within Australia. However the film also goes back to the start – looking at the cooperative spirit of Sir John Monash when he set up the Latrobe Valley in the 1920’s just after WW1. And then we look forward to the possibilities of what power generation and storage might look into the future – and how the community can specifically get involved (at any level).

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