Peter Galbert – Seat of Learning – Seminar – January 12, 2012 at Blackburn South


Few chair makers could claim to have influenced modern windsor chair making recently, as comprehensively as Peter Galbert of Sterling, Massachusetts. His body of work speaks for itself, from expertly rendered traditional windsor chairs, settees and rockers to contemporary windsor designs that are the best of their kind. Peter has taught windsor chair making at the best of America’s woodworking schools, has written articles on the subject for Fine Woodworking magazine as well as producing the most widely read internet blog on chair making, – with thousands of followers, professional and amateur alike. Traditional windsor chair making is one of the few fine woodworking crafts that employs traditional green wood working techniques.  Chair parts are riven from freshly split sustainably harvested timber by hand and worked into beautifully crafted chairs with hand tools and techniques which have remained unchanged for nearly 300 years.


The Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking in association with Rundell & Rundell of Kyneton are proud to announce that we are bringing Peter Galbert  to Melbourne to teach two windsor chair classes and give an informative lecture to makers and lovers of fine furniture alike. Peter will speak for one night only on windsor chair making, styles and designs and give an insight into the techniques he employs to make his fine chairs with demonstrations throughout the evening. For those with an appreciation of fine furniture, Peter’s lecture will better illustrate what constitutes a fine example of the windsor style. For chair makers or those interested in the craft and green wood working, Peter’s enthusiasm and skilled demonstrations will be an inspiration.


This Australian first is for one evening only, January 12th, 2012, centrally located at the Eley Park Community Centre, 87 Eley Road Blackburn South and tickets are limited to 150 seats. Peter will be available to answer questions and light refreshments will be provided after the lecture. Tickets are $25 all inclusive, from  6PM-9PM. For information on securing your seat, please go to the Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking website, – – and follow the prompts to ‘classes.’ For further information please contact Glen Rundell on 0412 440 895.


For more information about Peter and to view a sample of his portfolio of work, visit and his blog at



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