Reptiles of Victoria

Wombat ForestCare – You, me and biodiversity series

Friday 22nd February, 7.00 – 8.00pm

Reptiles of Victoria

Come and join local ecologist Damien Cook and learn about the diversity of reptiles in the North Central Region. From worm Lizards to geckos, skinks to snakes, Central Victoria is the meeting place of the reptiles typically found in Southern Australia (known as the Bassian fauna), and those species more typical of the dry arid inland (also known as the Eyrean fauna). For example at Leanganook (Mount Alexander) the Barking or Thick-tailed geckos reach the southern limit of their distribution while the Eastern three-lined skink reaches its northern limit. The variety at our doorstep and their ecological importance will be the focus of this session. Also how to look for them without hurting yourself or them.

Be sure to contact the Neighbourhood Centre to confirm date and time.

Speaker: Damien Cook
Where: Trentham Neighbourhood Centre, High St, Trentham
Cost: Gold coin donation
Bookings: Trentham Neighbourhood Centre (03) 5424 1354
Email: trentham at

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