SHARE members join before 1 July

Following our announcement at our Annual General Meeting, we confirm that a 10c premium will apply from the start of the new financial year. As such, the rate for applications postmarked from 1 July 2011 rises to $1.10 per share. We encourage SHARE members to join now to beat the price rise!

As you are aware, members of Hepburn Wind will share in the profits and satisfaction of generating local, clean and safe energy and be able to purchase that energy. Please consider letting your friends and family know about the project so that they may also join Hepburn Wind and support local resilience and community action in our shire.

Many SHARE members are also members of Hepburn Wind and you can also join Hepburn Wind for as little as $100 and SHARE will receive back $25 for your own sustainability projects.

Their Membership and Share Offer can be downloaded here, for further information call 5348 6760 and read the documents at

Make sure you tick ‘SHARE’ under “member of a Central Victorian sustainability group” at the top of the application form so that SHARE gets the $25, $700 has been already been returned to SHARE!

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