Sustainable Futures Education Program

SHARE – Sustainable Futures Education Program

The aim of the program is to provide opportunities for change in how students think about living sustainably, by acknowledging and beginning to understand and explore their interconnectedness and interdependence with the biosphere.  It also establishes a means for identifying how they use energy and how to establish actions for sustainable energy and resource use. The program is designed to support schools with and without an established sustainability unit.

The pilot program has been funded by Hepburn Wind.  It is taking place in several primary schools in the Hepburn Shire area.  The pilot involves 2 mentor workshops and a supporting digital resource for both students and teachers.

The first workshop introduces the concept of the interconnectedness of all things in the biosphere, using webs to illustrate these connections. Students will be introduced to the concept of earth sciences, dividing the biosphere into ecologies and biomes then connecting these to weather, climate and how people can influence them.

The second workshop investigates societal and individual energy wants and needs, resources and climate change. Students will learn how to design an energy audit, respond to it by discussing and implementing sustainable actions to reduce resource use and pollution.

An internet resource tool has been developed using Wiki technology.  It will support student and teacher investigations. Eventually it will be used by students to involve their parents at home

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