The Last Word?

To SHARE Members

It is decision time!  Do we wrap things up or are you putting your shoulders under the formation of the new committee?

Does the work in the sustainability sector continue through SHARE or by other means?

At the last AGM we did not have a quorum to continue the work of Sustainable Hepburn Association in its current form.  Committee members had moved on to other projects, new jobs or moved town.  The handful remaining continued a skeleton association to oversee and complete existing projects and quietly support other non-incorporated individuals and groups to get projects off the ground.   We have wound down all existing SHARE projects.

The drive for renewable energy is as important as ever but SHARE may not be the best forum to continue that work.

As an incorporated association we have legal obligations and must have a committee of at least five people or we need to cease operations.

On the plus side we do have a legal/formal structure set up and a legacy of achievements in wind, solar, retrofitting and educational projects.  We have some administrative resources and projector and screen that have paid for themselves 10 time over.   We have the structural capacity to attract funding for projects.

On the other side (for continuing the current structure) there are now many new groups doing some amazing work, many without the need of a formal structure, however in our current litigious society, many of these organisations call upon SHARE to facilitate public liability insurance and incorporated structure for their events.

We need to hear from the members.

If you think SHARE should continue and are willing to take up the baton, click this email link and leave your details.
      ” I want to help to keep it going” –  email button

You must let us know before June 30th 2014.

If we do not get the needed support  we will be dissolving the formal association on July 31st 2014.

Laurel Freeland

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