The Two Best Things You Can Do – Renewable Energy and Taking Action

David, local resident and IT specialist with a large insurance company watched a program on renewable energy a while back and was shocked to realised that his company’s IT unit was responsible for 25% of its carbon emissions. He was so disturbed by this he decided to go to an Al Gore presentation to find out more. At the end of his lecture Gore said, “the two best things you can do to change things is to – invest in renewable energy, and, get involved in a local action group.” He promptly returned to his home in the Hepburn Shire and googled ‘Renewable Energy.’

The first listing he came across was Hepburn Renewable Energy Association (HREA) the progenitor of Hepburn Wind. HREA has since been re-named Sustainable Hepburn Association or SHARE. David did invest in renewable energy and went on to become a Director of Hepburn Wind. Although now retired as a director he was there to champion and celebrate the erection of the wind turbines last weekend.

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